Obtaining a valuation

Complete the rental valuation request form to find out how much your property is worth.

Choosing the right service level

Ultimately, the service level will be decided on the level of responsibility and time you are able to give as a landlord. Here at Execulets we are able to provide a range of letting service options to accommodate every type of landlord. 

Preparing The Property

When preparing your property, you must consider your target ‘audience’. As a rule of thumb, if the property is in a decorative order and cleaned to a professional standard, we would suggest it is more likely to be looked after by the tenants.

As the landlord, you will have some responsibilities when preparing the property as well as throughout the tenancy. You will be liable for the property, and any installations such as fixtures & fittings and appliances within the property. It is a must that these are safe for use at the start of the tenancy. If there any maintenance and repair issues throughout the duration of the tenancy, they will be your responsibility. At this point, it will be important to consider whether you wish to provide any white goods.


The Legal Compliance

As a landlord you have a commitment to ensure the property is safe before each tenancy begins. Please see the below sections that support compliance.

∙         Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPCs is required prior to marketing the property. From 1st April 2018 ‘F’ & ‘G’ rated properties may not be rented out unless certain criteria have been met.

∙         Gas Safety

If your property has a gas supply or appliance, they must pass an annual Landlords’ Gas Safety Check and have a certificate issued.

∙         Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A smoke alarm must be fitted on each story of the property, where the rooms are habitable.  Carbon monoxide detectors must be fitted in rooms with solid-fuel-burning appliances. All detectors must be working on the day the tenancy starts.

∙         Electrical Safety

You may hear conflicting advice over electrical safety, both in regard to fixed wiring and appliances. The Housing & Planning Act 2016 when implemented in 2017 is looking to address this and make clear that electrical testing MUST be done to ensure the safety of the tenants. In line with this, our advice remains as it always has – get it tested and keep a record of the outcome. This is the only way that you can prove later that you fulfilled your obligation to ensure it was safe before the tenancy began. This applies equally to the wiring installation and to any portable appliances in the property.

∙         Legionella

As a landlord, there is a legal duty to undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment. However, the Health and Safety law does not require any certification to be produced. As the landlord, if a Legionella assessment is carried out and any risk is demonstrated, it will be the landlord’s responsibility to reduce the risk of production and distribution where possible.

  • Selective Licensing

In August 2018 the Nottingham City Council introduced a licensing scheme covering over 30,000 rental properties otherwise referred to as Selective Licensing. Landlords with properties within the catchment of Nottingham City Council may now be required to obtain a licence. The license will be required to continue letting their property out to tenants.  

In September 2018, Gedling Borough Council also introduced a scheme covering the Netherfield area.

Penalty notices of up to £30,000, unlimited fines and 12 month rent repayment orders could face those who don’t comply.

If you would like to receive further information on Selective Licensing please complete Selective Licensing Request Form and we will be happy to issue out a booklet via the post. Alternatively, give us a call on 0115 920 2222 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Furniture & Furnishings

If your property is furnished, it is important to note any furniture must comply with fire safety regulations. This is normally evidenced with the fire safety tags on the items of furniture. We would recommend leaving them on or if not, keep the receipts to demonstrate where they were purchased from.


Marketing the property

When marketing the property, it is important to try and expose the property to the largest audience possible.

Here at Execulets, we will list your property on the major property websites such as Rightmove and On The Market. Your property will also be advertised via our website and in our prominent office windows.


Before The Tenancy Starts

Prior to the tenancy commencing, as the landlord you must ensure you have all of the appropriate legal compliance in place. In addition to this, there are other documents that should be prepared:  

  • You should have an Inventory & Schedule of Condition for the property. This will become a vital document outlining the condition of the property and its contents. It will provide clear description using text and photographic evidence. At the end of the tenancy, the inventory will be referred to in order to assess whether or not any deductions should be made against the tenant’s deposit. Without this document, no deductions can be made.

  • Instruction manuals – It can be useful to leave a copy of these manuals to ensure that tenants can correctly and safely use any appliances within the property and to prevent any potential damage being caused.

  • Check appliances – Ensure all appliances within the property are working appropriately. This will prevent

  • Keys – Please ensure you have enough sets of keys for all of the tenants as well as the agent. It will be important the agent has a full set of keys for the property, this will include any garage, gate keys or parking permits.

During the Tenancy

During the tenancy, both the landlord and the tenant will have to comply to certain responsibilities. Please see below:


  • Pay the agreed rent each month

  • Pay the council tax

  • Pay the utility bills and TV licence unless otherwise stated  

  • Use the property solely as a home and not for any commercial purposes

  • Take good care of the property and it’s fixtures and fittings

  • Carry out basic maintenance

  • Keep the property secure at all times

  • Inform the the landlord / letting agent of any repairs needed as soon as it arises


Please note, your responsibilities will vary depending on the letting service option that you choose. However at the basic level, you will have the following duties

  • Allow the tenant to live in the property undisturbed. If access is required 24 hours’ notice must be given

  • Maintain the property to a good state of repair

  • Ensure all gas, electricity and water supplies are installed and in working order

  • Provide all operating instructions for appliances and equipment

  • Insure the property and contents, fixtures and fittings belonging to you

  • A routine inspection to ensure your property is adequately looked after throughout the tenancy. Depending on the level of service you were to take, Execulets can complete these inspections on your behalf.  

End of the tenancy

Once the tenancy has come to an end, the landlord or the letting agent will have the duty to attend to the property. The rent should be paid up to date and all keys should be returned.A forwarding address for the tenant should be obtained and the applicable utility companies should be informed of the changes. The landlord or letting agent must complete a formal ‘check-out’ using the orginial Inventory & Schedule of Condition. Once this have been completed, assuming all is well the tenants deposit should be returned.