Execulets offer a variety of beautiful properties over Nottinghamshire for all individual needs specifically focusing on the NG4 NG5 & NG6 areas(add or remove areas if required) . Our friendly customer focused team welcome the opportunity to match all potential tenants with the right property for their financial and personal needs. Here at Execulets we strive to remove as much weight as possible when you are faced with renting a new property assisting you through the process every step of the way, even after you vacate!. Our team are only a phone call away providing continues support to all existing and future tenants

Here at execulets your opinion matter and we are always on hand to assist with finding the perfect home for you. If you haven’t already taken a look at our live property list please refer to our properties tab listed above.


Step 1- Property Requirement.  

  • Step one = Indentify the right property for you!

If you are unsure on the type or property you are searching for or would like advice with regards to your financial and personal preference, why not call out office and speak with one of our experienced local advisors? If you have already checked our online forums and found the perfect property what are you waiting for?

The Execulets team are committed to working closely with each potential tenant to find the perfect match for you! The office will assist you with the following:

  • Financial status/ affordability

  • Tenancy duration – How long you would like to stay at the property ( long term/short term stay )

  • Potential tenancy and property sales- Are you looking to sign a tenancy and potentially by the same property.

  • Property size & features – local schools and amenities, on/off street parking, bedroom

  • If you are unsure what the documentation IS required to apply for a property please referee to the what you may need section listed bellow.

Step two- Property Match/ Criteria Checks. 

  • Once we have identified a property you would like to obtain information on or potentially view. Each individual will need to be qualified and matched with the landlords requirement criteria .In addition to this your details will be added onto our system to ensure we are able to make regular contact if any similar properties become available.

If you haven’t already contacted the office via email or telephone call pleas4e don not hesitate to call. A team member will request personal and finial information to qualify you against the rental amount to identify your affordability. We will look at the following

  • Financial income (affordability)– annually.

  • Number of tenant requesting to reside at the property

  • Additional requirement – Pets, Home ran businesses

  • Tenancy Duration

  • Guarantor – If a guarantor is required.


Step Three – Property Viewing. 

  • The exciting part - Now is your chance to see the property for yourself!

Once we have established if the property in questions is a match the next step would be to arrange with the office to viewing the property. Exeulets offer 15-20minutes viewings Monday – Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm. On enquiring for the property viewing the office with send you over applications form and the property information with reference to the energy performance, gas safety and the properties how to rent guide.

  • If you require a late viewing or special arrangements please do not hesitate to make the team member aware of this. We are more than happy to accommodate special requirements on request  

Step Four – Applying for the property.  

Upon viewing the property if you would like to apply straight aware all that is required is that you fill out the application form which are provided prior to the viewing ( viewing confirmation attachment ) or from the agent on the day.

  • Please note there is also the option to put down a holding fee on the property which reserves the property to only you up to four weeks. The property is then under reservation and no other potential applicants are able to schedule viewings.

  • If you application is successful the £200 holding fee is deducted from the overall property sign up payment *If you application is unsuccessful the £200.00 fee is returned to the applicant

  • Terms & Conditions – Please be aware if the applicant withholds any information request on the application or withdraws the application that the fee is none returnable.

Step Five- Referencing. 

Along with the application from and holding fee for the property each individual that is applying to reside at the property will need to be reference. Execulets provide all in house referencing that look at the following areas.

**Please note all reference details are requested as part of the application form, if you are unable to provide contact details for the following institutes please let one of our team member know before submitting an application form ***

  • Previous landlord/properties references –The landlord will be contacted to provide a written reference with regards to your tenancy.

  • Employment Reference – Your most recent employer is contacted regarding your employment duration, salary and potential earning.

  • Hard Credit Check - ??

Once the application process is complete and all the relevant referencing had been returned all the information will be provided to your landlord for the overall decision to accept or decline the tenancy.

Step Five – Property Sign Up. 

Congratulation if you got this far!!! Execulets are delighted to welcome you on board as a tenant.

During the sing up process at the office, you will be required to provide the office with the following;

  • Identification

  • One form of Utility bill – which stipulated your current address.

  • Insurance document * please see section bellow *

  • Full Payment for the property sign up – On your visit to the office the final payment which you will have received on confirmation of application acceptance. The payment includes, *first month’s rent * deposit amount *application fee’s*

  • If you would like to request a personalised property sign up at the property please speak to one of team member – such sign up do encure a charge however the office is happy to accommodate.


Additional Support-

  • What you may need

  • Property Support & Maintenance –

  • Tenancy information support –

  • Tenant Shop –


Moving out of the property 

Deposit Step By Step Guide