Independent Mortgage Advice

Working with Independent Mortgage advisers enables us to offer you an opportunity to search the whole market to find the mortgage and lender that best matches your needs. Whether looking to purchase a property to rent or wanting to revenue lending on your whole portfolio, Veracity Financial Planning are always happy to help

They understand that your mortgage is usually your biggest investment and there are so many lenders with different kinds of mortgages on the market that the process can be very confusing. Veracity Financial Planning can help you select the right lender and product which could save you thousands of pounds.

Why not make a FREE initial appointment with one of their Independent Mortgage Advisers to discuss your requirements and provide advice with:

  • How much you can borrow and over what time frame, how much the repayments will be and ensure that your monthly budget is affordable to you.
  • Compare lenders interest rates, lenders fees, valuation fees, exit penalties and how different lender criteria's will affect your requirements.
  • Discuss the benefits of Fixed or Variable rates.
  • Arrange a formal Lenders "Agreement in Principle" for you which will satisfy any Seller or Estate Agents concerns over your ability to buy.
  • Complete all the required paperwork on your behalf, including application forms and will discuss your circumstances with the lenders in order to secure a written formal offer of a loan for you.